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Ways to Rebrand Your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
June 15, 2015

You may have probably wondered how household names in the business industry come into being. Rebranding is one of the crucial processes that products with these names go through after some interval. For non profits to remain relevant and orchestrate their visibility for the longest time ever, rebranding is inevitable. Therefore, don’t just sit back and watch the name of your non profit fade everyday. With a little research and some other few tips covered in the article, you will keep the glory of your organization high, and growing every day.

Tips for rebranding your non profit:

  • A little more research

Don’t just wake up one day in the morning and decide to change the name of your organization. There must be a sufficient reason to do so. Again, know what you’re seeking from the new name and image of the organization. Consult digital communication experts to explain what rebranding means to your company. Get other stakeholders on board. Without their support, your efforts are otiose. Actually, it would augur well, if one of your donors contributes an idea in the rebranding process.

  • Don’t lose the value of your mission

The new name should be in line with the mission of the organization. Finding a name that doesn’t reflect your mission adequately can be quite dangerous. Some of the stakeholders may lose the meaning of keeping aboard with the organization, as the new meaning may conflict their interests. However, make it interesting. Make it more competitive in the eyes of your donors, so that they can really feel the worth of their money if they choose your organization.

  • It’s not just the name

Contrary to the popular belief, rebranding is not just about the name and logos. It’s a transition that takes quite long, depending on what systems are changing. Therefore, if there are other changing structures (like management, operations, human resource, etc.), ensure they change. Otherwise, everything will seem similar with the old you, and you’ll have made no difference in the impression of your stakeholders.

Although it’s really hard to build up a brand, it’s achievable. Unfortunately, it might take very little effort to bring it down. You need to work day in day out to make sure the brand remains. As long as you have you’re a working and unique brand, there will always be a strong connection between your organization and the stakeholders.

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