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Ways to Recruit Volunteers

By Alexa Connelly
June 29, 2015

Nonprofit organizations face many challenges, but one of the most challenging can be finding and retaining a qualified and eager nonprofit volunteer. Since many nonprofits rely heavily on these volunteers to continue supporting the community and the organization’s vision and mandate, it’s imperative to find a good nonprofit volunteer. Here are a few ways to help reduce the time you spend recruiting nonprofit volunteers and retain the ones you have.

Increase the visibility of your nonprofit organization

The visibility of your organization is important to attract volunteers. Whether you’re utilizing social media, local events or community involvement, the more people who know about what you do and why, will create interest with people who support your vision. Someone interested in volunteering their time, may be trying to decide between several different organizations. Make your nonprofit volunteer position enticing.

Make it easy to volunteer

Time is one our most valuable commodities and you need to respect your volunteer’s time. Most organization like a nonprofit volunteer to commit to a specific number or hours per day, week or month, but offering flexibility is good idea. Finding a schedule that works for both you and them, will encourage them to make the time to volunteer for you.

Show your appreciation to your nonprofit volunteers

Every employee likes to be told they’re doing a great job, but this is especially important for volunteers. After all, they’re choosing to volunteer for you. Make sure you let them know how much you appreciate their time and dedication to your organization. The happier your nonprofit volunteeris, the more likely they’ll spread the word and encourage others to join them.

  • Plan an event specifically for them. This can either be a luncheon or annual volunteer’s appreciation party.
  • Say thank you often
  • Offer recommendations and referrals for their achievements and work with your organization

Build a relationship where you both benefit

Most nonprofit volunteers don’t offer their time and skills without wanting something in return. They either want to gain experience,network or potentially get a job out of the experience. Just because they’re volunteers, doesn’t mean you should give them simple tasks to accomplish. Use their skills to your advantage and offer them feedback. If you’re looking for a volunteer with certain skills, visit local colleges and universities to enlist students looking to gain experience.

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