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Ways to Repurpose Old Content Into New

By Alexa Connelly
July 17, 2015

Your nonprofit can enjoy the sweetness of original content much longer if you learn ways to re-purpose the content you already have. This does not, however, imply that you’re-purpose old content  using the scrape-the-mold-off-your-bread way. Only re-purpose content that’s evergreen, which is content that continues to be relevant over the months and years.

Below are ways you can re-purpose marketing content for your nonprofit organization.

Ways to re-purpose nonprofit content for marketing

  1. Change the format

Amend the presentation of your marketing content into better and appealing formats.

  • Re-purpose donor data into infographic.
  • Create a Presentation – Graphics works well with any content. Compile your articles, documents and tutorials and convert them into a graphics presentation, probably in PowerPoint.
  1. Use a different channel

You can use a different channels for your blog posts. Blog posts can be combined into longer newsletter articles. For example, you can convert your top 10 lists published in your email newsletter to make a video script.

  1. Create new content

Convert a listicle into individual pieces of content. To perform this, take out a list post you have and break the items in the list into a separate individual post. This allows you to expand various aspects of the original content.

  • Daily Email Series – Create of a new enriched email series to get new leads and subscribers. Craft your content into bite-sized chunks favorable for daily email series.
  1. Change the perspective

To target a particular and different group of people or segment in an organization. Changing the perspective marketing content allows you to take a slightly different point of view to reach a particular person as opposed to the general perspective of the original content.

  1. Create a content Popularity Contest

Create a blog post about your popular articles in a given period such as top 5 article of the year. However, this will require your always create very compelling and original content like you always do.

  1. Nonprofit’s content library

Make an intelligent correspondence in contacting your constituents by building a content library. Include noteworthy articles, letters and email exchanges in the library. This will create great new compiled content but will require you to get authorization first.

Re-purposing your content will enable you reach a new audience, bring exciting but forgotten tales.

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