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Ways To Share Results With Donors

By Alexa Connelly
July 31, 2015

Ways To Share Results With Donors

When accepting non profit donations, transparency is of the utmost importance if you wish to maintain your organization’s integrity, receive repeat donations, and draw new donors. Sharing the results of your fundraising is the best way to accomplish this transparency. There are several options for sharing non profit donations with donors, ranging from the free or inexpensive, to options that are a little more costly.

The easiest and least expensive method may be to make use of today’s technology and email newsletters and/or updates to all donors or members of your organization, and post a summary of your fundraising results on your webpage. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to, or interest in, the internet, so this avenue will not guarantee that all members or donors will be reached. A paper newsletter sent to each member might be the most thorough method, however, printing and mailing expenses can become costly.

Posting the results on your website as well as advertising the results in a local newspaper is another fairly inexpensive, comprehensive, way to inform your donors, and maybe even reach potential future donors in the process who read about your organization’s work.

Alternately, on the receipt given to your donors, make it a point to explain that the results of the fundraiser will be posted online and also emailed to the donor if they provide their email address. Likewise, provide donors with the option to request the results be mailed to them in writing if they prefer. This way, everyone who contributed can see the results of their non profit donations.

Whichever method you choose, sharing the results of your fundraiser with your donors helps support a positive view of your organization with the public.

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