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What is A Nonprofit Organization?

By Alexa Connelly
July 29, 2013

Nonprofit organizations provide many valuable resources and services for communities across the United States. Many people could not succeed without the help of one or more of these organizations that tend to be devoted to a good cause.

What is a Nonprofit

A nonprofit organization is a group of people that provide a service for reasons that don’t involve receiving additional income for themselves. A public charity is one particular kind of nonprofit organization. The goal of these organizations tends to be to help others rather than to obtain wealth.

Your nonprofit organization might be considered as a foundation, social advocacy group, or a professional trade organization. It might also be considered a public charity. Each of these particular kinds of nonprofit organizations has specific needs and goals.

If you work for a public charity, your nonprofit organization is the most common type in the United States. There are over one-hundred-thousand special foundations that you might be involved with that help pay for programs. They also help other nonprofits with cost. If you’re a member of a social advocacy group, you’re helping to get certain ideas through to others and helping to fulfill certain goals. If you’re working for a professional trade organization, you are there to help professionals that engage in a particular line of work.

What is a Nonprofit Organization Risk

The nonprofit organization you work for has the same kind of risk that you’d expect from a business in regards to liability issues. Staff members, whether they are volunteer or paid, can still suffer from injury while working or experience harassment. The same is also true for those that use the services of your nonprofit organization. Also, there is equipment, furniture, and property that are needed for those that work for your organization. Natural disaster or vandalism can make such things useless. Such can also cause your nonprofit organization to be in debt. Unexpected lawsuits can also seriously compromise the financial needs of your nonprofit group.

Insurance can help with the financial risk that can occur when you run a nonprofit organization. However, going for the lowest insurance coverage available could end up costing your organization more. It’s best to consult with insurance professional’s first and take time to evaluate the financial risks that might occur. Otherwise, something could happen later that ends up being more costly because it wasn’t covered under the insurance plan you selected.

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