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What makes a Nonprofit Unique?

By Alexa Connelly
October 08, 2013

What is nonprofit? In its simplest terms, it is an organization that uses funds to achieve goals rather than as dividends or profit. In a broader definition, it has a mission to do good in the world in some way. It could be for any number of causes, from healthcare to the environment. They are a noble pursuit to volunteer in or as a career choice. Many people want to be a part of something that does good in the world and makes a real difference in people’s lives.

Part of makes a non profit unique is not just what field it serves, but what it stands for. Branding can help an organization find a clear mission and explain what it wants to achieve. Figure out what it has to offer the public, what factors set it apart from others with similar ideals. There are many non profits these days providing all sorts of services around the country. What do you aim to do that will be different? Have a clear and concise mission statement for your organization. What is nonprofit without one? Figure out what resources or services it will provide and how it will be carried out.

One way to get good ideas is to look at successful and respected non profits in your field of interest and see what they do that makes them stand out. Their ideas, goals, resources, and the people working can be of great inspiration for helping you to form a clearer picture. Doing a little research, brainstorming, and asking others for feedback are great ways to get started. Discover what will make your organization unique and make sure there is accountability. Formulate what you are passionate about and the ideas will start coming.

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