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What Should Be Included In Nonprofit Safety Inspections

By Alexa Connelly
February 20, 2014

A Nonprofit organization’s objective is to to ensure the safety and health of their volunteers, children, clients, employees and company property. What should be included in a nonprofit safety inspections?
Primary Goal
A primary goal of any non profit safety inspection should be to ensure a safe and healthy working conditions for all employees and volunteers.
Written safety rules
All organizations should have written safety rules in prominent locations to ensure good working practices to limit accidents and injuries. These rules should be included in any nonprofit safety inspection to determine if they are up to date and are available to be read to all employees and volunteers.
Floors and working areas should be clear of debris, worn carpets and flooring materials. Floors should not be oily, wet or slippery.
Stairways and aisles should be well lit, clear and unblocked. All emergency exits should also be clear and unblocked. Handrails should be secure.
Safety equipment
A safety inspection should include the inspection of all safety equipment to ensure it is in good order. Fire extinguishers should be checked annually, labelled and signed. First aid centers should be fully equipped to meet a minimum standard. Emergency lighting and alarms should be tested for satisfactory operation.
All machinery should be inspected to make sure they meet current safety rules and if they fall short should be impounded until made safe. Are guards, screens and sound-dampening devices in place and effective?
Fixtures and fitting
All electrical equipment should be inspected for safety. Frayed wires should be replaced along with loose fitting light bulbs. All heater and fires should have adequate guards especially if children are present. Checks should be made for poor ergonomics, chair adjustment and keyboard elevation etc. Furniture should also be inspected for safety.
Do the premises conform to standards with respect to occupancy and use? The following structures should be checked for safety: guardrails, ladders, ramps, wall openings, windows and the operation of swinging doors. Air conditioning should be checked for safe operation. Humidity should be checked to ensure it is in an acceptable range.
In all non profit safety inspections dangerous substances should be stored correctly. All dangerous substances should be labelled correctly.
Nonprofit Safety Inspections should include all wash rooms and food preparation areas for cleanliness? This should include an inspection of lunch rooms, toilets and showers.

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