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When is the Best Time to Ask for Donations

By Alexa Connelly
February 12, 2013

Nonprofit Fundraising: When is the best time to ask for donations?


Nonprofit fundraising is a tough job so knowing the best times to ask for a donation is important. Visit the business during early morning or mid afternoon when they are not busy. Never go during lunch and dinner hour. Call to make an appointment if possible or ask to speak with the manager.

When you meet tell an intriguing story that shows what your nonprofit does for others and the community. Stories often engage people and motivate them to donate. Bring your envelopes and paperwork so you can give it the person if they are interested. Try to get donation on the spot so you can leave with a check or cash. When dining at a restaurant after you pay the bill ask for a donation.  When speaking with someone offer a suggested amount like $25 for $30.

Use social media to build a donor base for your nonprofit.  When on Facebook keep donors updated on fundraising activities and events. Email is a good way to send out letters. Letters communicate the message and give the person time to respond.  The best time not to ask for donations is when there is a major holiday or during the end of tax season.

Nonprofit fundraising is never easy and having the right insurance can be a plus. Since organizations have special events have special events insurance is a good option to look into. When you hold special events to raise money you run the risks or accident happening. Sometimes property can be damaged or stolen so having insurance for these events can cover you and give you peace of mind.

Another good time to ask for money is when your staff or Board member is having a party at home. They can appeal to guests and family to donate to your cause. This technique often brings results because the person is related and knows people well. This can be done at a birthday parties, a Superbowl Party or even dinner party.


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