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Where Can You Find Available Grants

By Alexa Connelly
April 21, 2013

As the name suggests, if you are a nonprofit organization, you serve the society without making any money. You will therefore certainly need money and financing from an external source to run your activities. This financing can be found in the form of grants. You do not need to worry about this because there are a number of bodies and institutions that offer grants for your organization.

Your organization can find grants from governments; especially so in the country/ countries you operate in.  Governments give grants to nonprofits depending on the kind of task you carry out. You can get these grants by drafting a proposal that has details of what your institution does. In some cases, you will need to cite particular projects that need the grant. Governments are willing to offer support to bodies that help their citizens, for example insurance companies. The advantage of getting a grant from a government is that governments give substantial amounts of funds.

Foundations are a reliable place you can to find grants for your company. Many of these, for example educational foundations offer grants in support of your goal as a nonprofit to help the society. In fact, some foundations are committed to giving a certain amount of funds per year to any institution and are only waiting for you to apply.

In relation to finding a foundation that will offer you a grant, the information provided by the Foundation Centre will be of assistance. The centre has a directory that contains information about foundations, with a detailed list on their priorities and the type of grants offered. In addition to this is an online directory with more than a hundred thousand foundations, donors and charity bodies.

As a nonprofit, you will also want to approach a grant giving corporate. Some of these corporate give grants to fellow organizations that have related objectives and goals. For example if you are an insurance company, you can get a grant from a health corporate. You can therefore approach such for help.

Individuals also give grants. Some people, after going through difficult experiences, pledge to offer support to institutions that can help people who are in the same state they were in. one who has recovered from a deadly road accident can for example offer to support a car or health related insurance company.

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