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Where to Find Valuable Board Members

By Alexa Connelly
October 09, 2013

Finding suitable board of directors nonprofit isn’t an easy task. You will need the right people who have the appropriate skills for your organization. First you’ll need to assess what are your strategic priories and what skills do you need on your new board of directors.

You’ll need to source board members who have specific expertise in your organization’s field. However, remember your organization may still be evolving and your organizational needs may change over time. An important component of your board is to ensure you have a good balanced diversity amongst board members. You do not want too many people who display similar skills. Instead you should strive for a board of directors nonprofit that are diverse and can bring together a range of perspectives. The board ideally should also represent the community you intend to serve.

How to identify good candidates

Once you have identified the proposed composition of your board you can begin the process of filling the vacancies. The first point of call should be to indentify if any of your volunteers are suitable to come onto the board of directors. It is possible many will have the skills and time to be good board members.

If you are replacing a member on an existing board, you can ask the board of directors if they know someone with the relevant skills who might be willing to join the board. Many suitable candidates may see joining your board as a long term means to improve their own employment prospects.

A good source of potential board members can be housewives and retired business men who have both the time business acumen and life experiences to help.

Due diligence

During due diligence the board director should ask candidates four questions:

One, is the candidate willing to fulfill the board’s legal responsibilities to the best of their ability?

Two, have they a passion for your organization and display suitable previous experience?

Three, has the candidate enough free time to serve the organization effectively?

Four, Can the candidate meet the boards fundraising commitments (if any)?

Ensuring a good fit

Finally, ensure the people you choose to serve on your board are committed to the organization and its aims. Look for candidates who are motivated, for the mission, and not looking for personal gains.  Look for a cultural fit with the remainder of the board of directors.

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