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Where to Look for Nonprofit Grants

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 24, 2014

We all know mission driven organizations need nonprofit grants to fund their projects. Many of us are also aware grant making concerns have a lot of requirements before they give nonprofit grants. So, we’ve come up with 5 ways to find nonprofit funding:
Individuals play an important in nonprofit grant funding. Individual support is vital. Some individual give as much to charities of their choice as big grant givers. It is important to build a steady, reliable source of supporters who will help fund your nonprofit and this will lessen the organization’s dependency on big grant givers.
Social media
Once mustn’t over look the power of social media in the nonprofit grant making process. Money raised through social media is estimated to be around $60 per donation. Try crowd funding, this where you receive funding from a large group of people through an online platform. You can pitch your project on Kick starter, Fundable, and other crowd funding sites.
Impact assessment
If your organization can’t afford an impact assessment, you will need to have data that proves that what your nonprofit is doing is making a difference. The Council of Nonprofits provides resources on outcome measurement here. There is good value of getting feedback from beneficiaries, either through surveys, interviews. Not only will this help you assess whether you’re being effective but it will also provide testimonials that you can use to make your case stronger.
Be selective
Don’t waste time with the scatter gun method of looking for nonprofit grants. It is better to be focused and look for grant givers who will be specifically interested in what your organization offers. This way you write your application geared to what the grant giver is looking for and be in a better position to receive a grant. All grant applications should be sent in good time especially if a time limit is in force.
Family Foundations
Family Foundations are frequently less demanding than the large established grant givers. The Segal Family Foundation’s approach to giving funds is a good example.
Don’t be discouraged keep trying to secure grants. Grants aren’t easy come by but with good preparation and persistence your organization will win through and get the funds they need to fulfill their projects.

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