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Who Should Drive the Nonprofit Organization Vehicle?

By Alexa Connelly
November 20, 2012

With word of car accidents in the news everyday, it can be frightening to put your volunteer staff and clients at risk by providing transportation. Studies have shown that there is only a high risk of accidents when people drive unfamiliar vehicles, however if they use their personal vehicle the risk is much lower.


Screening techniques for volunteers all depend on who/what is being transported, how many people, and how long the distance. A driving program supervisor must be assigned, so the volunteers have a leader to refer to with questions, training, and inclement weather guidance. All drivers must provide a valid drivers license and registration. Other forms that may be required are child abuse, criminal background, and federal history checks. Rules should be established defining who should be excluded from volunteer driving. For instance, 2 accidents within the past 6 years, three minor driving violations in the past 10 years, any major criminal conviction in the past 10 years, or any accident in the past 6 years with 2 minor convictions excludes that volunteer due to high risks.


This will provide a good base to starting your Nonprofit Organization’s auto driving guidelines and policies.  Make sure you continue to audit this policy and improve upon it as needed.

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