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Why Blogging is Important for your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
March 10, 2015

Nonprofit organizations are organizations that use surplus revenue to help achieve a particular purpose or mission instead of distributing the surplus income as income or dividends.

In more simple words, a nonprofit is a charitable organization designed to serve a purpose that helps others in need. In order for a nonprofit organization to grow, there has to be some form of promotion.

One of the easiest and free ways to help promote your nonprofit organization and to share information about it to gain support is through blogging. The benefits blogging can provide to your nonprofit organization are countless.

Blogging Reaches Out to New Supporters: Blogging about your nonprofit organization helps attract new supporters. However, your blog must provide useful information that helps demonstrate what your organization is all about and why supporters are necessary to help it grow.

Blogging Helps You Connect with Similar Nonprofit Organizations: Sharing information about your nonprofit organization helps you connect with similar nonprofit organizations that need support and a community like structure to grow. When one nonprofit organization makes a connection with a similar the more goals within the organizations that are achievable. Most importantly, the more help the can be provided to the causes the organizations are trying to support.

A Blog will allow you to Share Important News: All nonprofit organizations have important events they want to invite people too or important news to share to tell their supports the progress they are making along with any changes being made to the organization. The best ways to announce and share all this important news is by blogging about it. Even adding a subscription button and calendar page to your blog can also allow your supports to follow important dates and news better.

Blogging Provides Away to Show Photos: Anytime you have important events or meetings typically, photos are taken. You can post these photos onto a blog and sometimes have the means to create a gallery or slideshow, which supporters love seeing and sharing which can lead to the gain of more supporters to help your organization grow even more.

Blogging Allows You to Share Personal Stories: Nonprofit organizations that help support people in need typically have person stories to share. Sharing these personal stories on a blog can help inspire others to join your nonprofit organization and reach others in need of help.

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