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Why is insurance coverage so important for Nonprofits at a time like this?

By Alexa Connelly
July 05, 2011

 You need to protect yourself and your organization! Many Nonprofit organizations across the country are facing hard times during this economic crunch.  Many are cutting costs so they can continue to serve their communities. Cutting your insurance protection is NOT the answer!

 We understand that in these current times, Nonprofits like you are having hard time raising money to continue operating smoothly.  Many Nonprofit Organizations realize the importance of insurance to cover the defense costs and damages should the organization be sued as a result of negligence.  Negligence can include, but is not limited to: auto accidents, slips and falls, and on the job injuries.

Like most Nonprofits, the funds to defend a lawsuit are non-existent, as most do not set aside money to defend a lawsuit; should one occur.  Insurance can absorb the cost of a lawsuit, defend the insured and settle the case up to the policy limits. Protect yourself and your organization by keeping your insurance policies in effect, paying for insurance now, can save you millions in the future.

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