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Write the Perfect Fundraising Letter

By Alexa Connelly
January 02, 2012

Almost everything you do nowadays needs a plan or, at least, works better on a plan, so it goes the same for fundraising. The first step in this plan is to write a fundraising letter and have that draw people in to donate, after all, money is tight right now and people need to see that they are giving to a good cause. To come up with these letters it is important to understand how to write the perfect fundraising letter.

               For the introduction you will need to grab the reader’s attention by asking a question in bold, talking about a certain important person, etc. You will also need to tell the readers about what their last donations achieved, focus on specific program initiatives, and thank the donor and tell them that they are a vital part of the organization. In the next section of your letter you will need to explain your cause, suggest donation amounts and what that will accomplish, and detail the consequence of not acting. In the closing paragraph thank the donor again and tell them one more time why there donation is so significant.

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